December 2004

For those who missed our Christmas greetings this year have a look at this.
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May 2004

A competition:
Whose who know the right answer to our following question can win one of only 20 unreleased DVD's (ca. 60 min. full length) of our concert in Frankfurt of September 6th '03: Which nationality has the
little Miss on our Photo ?

Please post your answer including your email address until Sept. 6th '04 under:
You will then be informed by us.
Good luck!

April 2004

A whole lot of rain and some snow in April. To cheer up our frog lovers we like to recommend:
(- turn on your loudspeakers!)

March 2004

In the next few days all song lyrics including previously unreleased and the ones which were only performed live will be available on our website under Lyrics. Olaf is still puzzleing over his arrangements of the new recordings. How long will he actually need anyway ?

February 2004

On Monday the 9th  8:18 p.m., the German private TV station RTL II uses our orchestra instrumental version
of ANGELS NEVER LIE as a soundtrack for their horrible soap opera "EL - Der Millionär". Actually, this elegiac Ennio Morricone-like arrangement might better go with a Sergio Leone western: a cowboy with a toothpick in his mouth rides in the burning midsun in the desert of Arizona...

January 2004

At the moment we are working on the live video from our concert in Frankfurt. At least one of the songs will be shown on this website soon. So watch out for the advance notice!

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December 2003

On Thursday 12/18, our first newsletter will be sent by email. A little christmas present attached is included in form of a musical greetings video. This video will only be availabe for the receiver of our newsletter!
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November 2003

At  the moment we're working on the recordings made in Dortmund on Sept. 8th. These tape recordings feature
the new string arrangements especially written for our "unplugged"-tour in September, among others
the David Bowie song "Survive" and two previously unreleased tracks called "Little Tunes" and "Right Time".

October 2003

On October  2nd,   Olaf  gave an interview for the  radio station "Bizarre-Radio"(sorry, only in German):
10 Fragen an MISS WYOMING
On  October 13th our new enhanced CD  "Comeback Of The Frog" will be released in Germany by ZOMBA,
article No. 303.8004.3.  Beside the radio edit of the title track  the CD includes three new songs, lyrics,
a  photogallery and the video clip Run For Your Life. 

September 2003

In the first two weeks of September (09/01-12.) there will be a "unplugged-tour" which
will lead us during the daytime mainly through the biggest
WOM mega stores in Germany. In the evening there are some club and open air gigs planned but could not completly be confirmed yet. So, watch out for short-term announcements on this website!
The tour will take us to the following cities:
01.09. Hamburg, WOM, performances at 2 p.m.and 6 p.m.
02.09. Hannover, WOM, at 8:30 p.m. live gig at the "Frosch" (German word for "frog"!),
03.09. Cologne, WOM
04.09. Dusseldorf, WOM,  at 2 p.m.; 6 -7 p.m. live on NBC, Giga TV performing Angels Never Lie,
photos between 9 and 10 p.m. live gig at the radio station "Dusselwelle", recording of FRIENDS see download
05.09. Wetzlar, Musikbox (MusikMarktAktiv), Bahnhofstr. 14a
06.09. Frankfurt/M., WOM, at 2 p.m. on a big stage,  the whole concert will be filmed
07.09. + 08.09. weekend in Dortmund with recodings of the new string arranements
09.09. Stuttgart, WOM, at 2 and 6 p.m. live gig at the Maritim Hotel starting at 9 p.m.,
10.09. Munich, SATURN, PeP, Perlach
11.09. Nürnberg, WOM,  at 2 and 6 p.m.
12.09. Berlin, WOM-Steglitz, from 8:30 p.m. live at the Bristol Kempinski Hotel, Kurfürstendamm,

The setlist will include  acoustic versions from the album FROGS NEVER LIE but also
brand new songs from our upcoming EP. The players consist of a female (!)
string quartett from the Hungarian Radio orchestra, bass guitar and Olaf on his
12-string guitar!

August 2003

Congratulations: On Monday 4th August Dave Anderson became father of the twins Florence and Thomas in London, picture
The German cable channel ONYX is showing our video clip for Run For Your Life again, for more infos, see:
In the first two weeks of September there will be some unplugged live performances with a string quartett.
So watch out on this page for some short-term gig announcements!
There will also be a TV performance on German NBC, Giga TV, on the 4 th of September, 6 p.m.

July 2003

MTV Germany refuses to show our puppet video RUN FOR YOUR LIFE because it's too violent and sexually offending. Nethertheless: Markus Kavka (German VJ on MTV), we love you! However: the German music mega store retailer WOM (World Of Music) will show our video in all their shops nationwide throughout August.
On July 27th Olaf rescued a woman in the lake of Olbersdorf, press release.

June 2003

The vocals of the track CHINESE ENVOY - REVISITED were rerecorded by Olaf with slight changes of the lyrics. These changes were made in collaboration with André P. Tschan of Zurich (CH) who usually works on his doctural dissertation upon computer supported archeology (!) at Oxford University and plays a noisy punk guitar... The original recordings of this song took place at about two o'clock in the morning in the Hungarian Radio Station in Budapest with Tamás Bolba on grand piano and a pretty exhausted string quartett which just returned from a concert, still wearing their tuxedos. It is a still unfinished track from the production of our album FROGS NEVER LIE. The song will soon be released together with two other new track on the enhanced EP COMEBACK OF THE FROG. This piece is a dedication to the genius of John Cale who released CHINESE ENVOY on his brilliant album MUSIC FOR A NEW SOCIETY in 1982.

- two photos taken during the vocal recordings in June

Mai 2003

From July the 14th on our current CD's will be distributed in Germany by the biggest independent distributor ZOMBA (, to be ordered under the article numbers: Miss Wyoming RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, Order No. 303.8003.3 Miss Wyoming FROGS NEVER LIE, Order No.: 303.8004.2

April 2003

Olaf writes the song AFTER ALL, starting with a chorous similar to the fade out of Prince's PURPLE RAIN running into a B minor chord with open force still arousing a shiver on the demo recordings. Dave Anderson confirmes his collaboration for the next album.

March 2003

The enhanced Promo-CD COMEBACK OF THE FROG will also be available for the public. The release date will be May 2003.

February 2003

A fruitful collaboration with the label Sound Release in Mannheim has started. Various marketing activities for this year are being obtained.

January 2003

Up to now there are 30 music cassettes full of new song ideas. From this material plus some more the work on the new album is in progress.

December 2002

Dec. 18th: "Miss Wyoming in concert - stripped" On the anniversary of our "Miss" an intimate concert with musicians of the region took place. Among "stripped" versions of the lavish album arrangements, extended improvisations of RUN FOR YOUR LIFE and DISCO LOVERS were presented, plus a new song called RIGHT TIME. Photos & Setlist