Concept and comments regarding the RUN FOR YOUR LIFE CD single

The single provides an insight into the multi-facetted style of the album as well as its main theme: jealousy. On both, the single and the album, the macabre jealousy-inspired track RUN FOR YOUR LIFE represents a central focal point. Furthermore, the selected b-sides DISCO LOVERS and ANGELS NEVER LIE are available as alternate versions on the single.
Stylistically this compilation of songs span all the way from Indie and Synthi Disco Pop, to alienated Folk Rock and symphonic orchestral arrangements.
For the purpose of airplay, Chris Blair (Senior Mastering Engineer, Abbey Road) compressed the title track twice, in order to give the sound even more intensity. This also resulted in a 3:19 min shortened "Radio Edit" where, by and large, the feedback of Andy Cox' guitar was excluded.
DISCO LOVERS is stylistically the most unusual piece that would go even beyond the framework of the album. However, thematically it follows on wonderfully from RUN FOR YOUR LIFE: also dealing with the unfaithfulness of a girl that promises great love while she, simultaneously, fools around with her "Disco Lovers." The first part of the song has a comedic character, similar to that of Austin Powers. It is not meant to be as severe and evil as the title track but, rather, intended to encourage a grin. This piece takes a particular twist during the second part using a Mellotron intro, reminiscent of "Strawberry Fields Forever" by the Beatles. Luckily, at the time of recording a very rare Mellotron from 1967 was standing in the studio. The Mellotron was the first synthesiser driven by playing tapes of original recordings (and always sounds a bit quirky).
Olaf Römer wrote the song in the form of the present structure. The lyrics were slightly altered together with Fred William Ball, who was also responsible for the drum computing and playing the keyboards. The idea for the chorus stems from Peter Stuart. Additionally, Fred wrote the instrumental bridge after the second chorus and played the synthesisers. Overall, it represents a song-writing collaboration at the London studio, resulting in Fred and Peter being credited as co-authors.
DISCO LOVERS engaged a multi-national troupe: every musician has a different passport. Sally Burne (vocals) is British. Fred William Ball (keyboards, computing), who also has an EMI Songwriting-Publishing contract, is Norwegian. Peter Stuart (backing vocals, guitar) is Canadian and has supported Suede at over 60 gigs on guitar. Arnulf Lindner (bass) is an Austrian with classical training and Olaf is German.
ANGELS NEVER LIE (band version) was recorded, prior to the orchestral arrangements, by the band in Cologne. The flute was added later in Budapest. Fred William Ball, who has also worked on DISCO LOVERS, provided the analogue synthesiser sounds. The first vocal part by Rebecca Holland was recorded only shortly before Cameron Craig started mixing. The fact that a woman sings these lines bestows a different note on this piece and its interpretation is, by the author's wishes, left to the listener.
Because the orchestral arrangement for ANGELS NEVER LIE is so formidable, we selected the playback from the album for the single. The score for the harp, the "classic instrument of angels", was rewritten overnight based on the wishes of Olaf, since parts of the score were originally set to the grand piano.
This unusual combination of songs is supposed to spark interest and heighten curiosity for what can be expected from the album.